Monday, 10 June 2013

The Greatest Lesson I've Learnt!

The last post I wrote (not including yesterdays) was in January of 2012...! I'm embarrassed that I haven't written anything in over a year, but yet amazed that it's been that long! Time really does fly by!

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, my intention was to take a break from writing, due to our house renovations. Well, we finally finished those up in April of this year. I am SO glad they are behind us! But what I also mentioned was that I started to feel like I didn't have anything worth while to 'say'. Early on in the year I had someone come to me twice and ask me to lead a women's Bible/book study. Both times I said no, because I felt that God was preparing me for something, that it wasn't a time for me to be teaching, but that I needed to be taught something. God used the year of 2012 to prepare and teach me some things that I needed to learn, but definitely not how I would have ever expected!

In August of 2012 my husband accepted a job in the North West Territories and later started working in the Province of Alberta. We live in Saskatchewan...! I never thought I would be 'that' wife! The wife who's husband works away from home and flies back and forth, not leaving her, but leaving her (you know what I mean) to take care of the kids, home...EVERYTHING (lol) by herself! As a mother of four I was a little or A LOT nervous thinking about this in the days before he left. I didn't have a true sense of all that it would entail though, until my helper and best friend was gone and I was on my own. I remember while in the bathroom getting ready for bed that night, repeatedly telling God, tears rolling down my face, "I trust You.", "I trust You." as a way of comforting myself. He was literally all that I had with not having any family or close friends around and I was going to truly learn what it is to trust in and lean on Him completely in the coming months. That is the greatest lesson I've learnt!

Another important lesson I learnt was just how strong I am and how much I'm capable of, when I let Him be my strength. I am blessed to have a husband that took care of so many things, like keeping gas in the vehicle, putting the garbage out, shovelling, vehicle maintenance, helping with the kids...the list goes on. He's awesome! At the same time, because of that I had never gained any independence. We got married at 17 and 19, so I literally went from living with parents to living with him. This time we've had apart has been such a blessing! My confidence has been boosted, I am so much more independent and I was forced to concur many of my fears. We have also grown closer as a couple, which is just a whole other awesome story.

Looking back ten months's almost been a year already! It's amazing! I have learnt so many other things that I probably would have never learnt... to check tire pressure and inflate the tires to the needed pressure, change wiper blades, snake a toilet (that one I learnt today), set a mouse trap, BBQ and change the temp. on the hot water heater. I can 'pop the hood' like nobody's business, bringing the vehicle to the garage is no big deal and I am now a professional snow shoveler, gas pumper and grocery shopper (with four kids). I've kept up with paying the bills, cooking, cleaning, bringing the kids to school, picking them up, making lunches, dishes, laundry, e-mails, making and returning phone calls, helping with homework, putting the kids in bed (if you're a mother, you know the task that can be!), doctor appts., dentist appts., vet appts., putting the garbage and recycling out, getting rid of dead mice, parent/teacher interviews, play dates, football games, picking up the babysitter, attending my own meetings, leading a Bible/book study, being a children's church co-ordinator, council member at church and children's church teacher to name a few and to top all of that off...we now have our house up for sale. Getting this place ready for a showing by myself is a small feat in itself. The best part...I havn't been able to do one of those things in my own strength, it's only by the strength that He has given me and I am so thankful!

If you are feeling alone or you just don't have the strength to make it through a certain situation, I encourage you to call out to God! He will give you the strength to do all that you need to do every time! I don't know how important music is in your life, but it is vital in mine. I really don't know what I would do without it! Every time I'm going through something difficult... I was going to say that I always seem to find an encouraging song, but an encouraging song always seems to find me. This time in my life is no different. With our house up for sale, but no 'bites' and anticipating the move that will bring our family back together, it can be difficult to stay at rest. I once again am reminded that I need to trust in and rely on Him completely and that He promises He'll never leave me or forsake me. The song 'He said' by Group 1 Crew is the song that has kept me encouraged and I encourage you to listen to it.

With love,

'He said' by Group 1 Crew

I won't give you more, more than you can take
and I might let you bend, but I won't let you break
and no-o-o-o-o-o, I'll never ever let you go-o-o-o-o-o
Don't you forget what He said

I love those words and what an awesome visual! Thank-you Lord!

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